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A New Leadership Model

Learned from John Bendixen, this leadership model provides a unique perspective. Explaining that many leaders work so hard towards, and focus so much, on their overall purpose or assignment in life, that they often neglect their personal-life leadership and shortcut their public leadership training-ground to fulfill their purpose. But an inverted triangle like this will topple. To clarify: Personal Leadership refers to everything from family relationships, personal financial management, managing

Relationship Flow in the Workplace (#4) – Next Steps

Captured and Kept What does the future hold? Will it end well? Touch has drawn the right people into the organisation. Integration of Ways has settled them in, and now the relationship can grow into the higher levels. Because trust is established on all sides, Strategic Purpose can be attained in the working together towards major goals and outcomes. The relationship is not as vulnerable to offense anymore because there

Relationship Flow in the Workplace (#3) – Step 2: Integration of Ways

I just hired a top-performer… Now what? … How do I ‘Counter-offer proof’ and ‘Headhunter-proof’ him/her? Scored the Touch-down and that new A-player is joining your team, yay! Let’s look at how to craft a great start and long stay. Studies tell us the first 6 months of employment is crucial – within that time new hires decide if they will stay or leave. Yes, even those who stay on

Relationship Flow in the Workplace (#2) – Step 1: Touch

1st Impressions Count, 2nd Impressions Count, 3rd Impressions Count Following on the foundation we laid of the simple flow model for relationships in the workplace – from initial Touch, to Integration of Ways, Strategic Purpose, Ultimate Productivity and finally Personally Invested Stakeholder/Shareholders – this article will explore the Touch component further. To recap, Touch refers to the first meeting between individuals, the first ‘touch’ when people are exposed to and

Relationship Flow in the Workplace (#1)

The expectation of employers for new employees to ‘hit the ground running’ has become the norm in our ‘instant’ society where most things can be obtained with the click of a button, pre-ordered, and ready-made. From a technical expertise perspective, if a correct process has been followed to match the candidate’s skills to the role, this should be easy as pie. But it is not… and here enters the human